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Smart Cruise in Venice

We will cruise around Venice to admire the unique landmarks and “breath” the characteristic  atmosphere of the city comfortably on board of our fully electric boat.

This is an exclusive experience that allow you to relax and immerse into the Venetian atmosphere while cruising around the city and its close islands. The silent boat, sophisticated yet comfortable is equipped with a full open space that will let you live a true and luxurious experience.

Cruise Duration:                90 Minutes
Single Ticket Price:         100 Euro
Private tour Price:            500 Euro
Capacity:                              Up to 8 people

Explore Venice

Smart Cruise in Venice      + Food Tasting 

The Smart Cruise experience offers this additional option, which is a great way of enjoying a traditional Breakfast or Aperitivo as you sail past the iconic sights of the city. 

For our Morning Bookings (10Am Tour) we offer a selection of local pastries and juices.

The Aperitivo Food Tasting (from 12Pm on)  include a selection of traditional meet and fish based "Cicchetti" and a selection of local wines.

Still and sparkling water are complimentary.

*Please let us know of on any dietary requirments, and contact us if you have any question or enquiry


Cruise Duration:               90 Minutes
Private tour Price:           600 Euro
Capacity:                             Up to 8 people

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